75th EAAP Annual Meeting

1/5 September 2024 - Florence, Italy


Other sponsors and exhibitors

At Illumina, our mission is to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. Our sequencing by synthesis chemistry is used to generate high-accuracy DNA and RNA sequence data in studies around the globe. Our microarrays also provide accurate, high-throughput genotyping for a range of applications. The innovative products that we provide touch almost every area of biology, including agriculture. Illumina offers a range of sequencing and microarray tools that support food security and conservation efforts. Knowing human health starts with an adequate and nutritious food supply and a safe and sustainable environment inspires us to push the boundaries of what is possible in genomics research and to drive innovation in agriculture.

The research into a technology aimed at protecting the environment by using nature has led VetosEurope to create ANAVRIN®, a blend of essential oils, tannins and bioflovanoids, natural and nature-identical substances carefully selected to improve the ruminal function.

By keeping a stable ruminal environment by controlling the growth of bacteria, ANAVRIN® improves ruminants’ zoo-technical performance.

University studies and field studies have confirmed that ANAVRIN® can be a concrete solution for breeders to improve the performance of cattle.

According validation opinion recived by CARBONTRUST based on results from laboratory and on farm testing against a valid baseline, ANAVRIN® can reduce methane emissions in ruminant livestock.

Moonsyst provides Internet of Things (IOT) solutions for real-time monitoring of ruminants in-vivo. Our sensors (boluses) are capable of measuring core body temperature, activity, pH and/or ORP. The solution has been deployed in bovine (including calves), goats, sheep, buffalo and deer into over 30 animal research centres around the world.

Moonsyst are attending the EAAP congress in collaboration with the Munster Technology University (Ireland), who will present new use cases for the Moonsyst Smart Rumen Solution, such as Greenhouse Gas (GHG) monitoring from ruminants.

Please drop by our booth for a discussion and demonstration or email info@moonsyst.com