The 75th EAAP Annual Meeting

1/5 September 2024 - Florence, Italy

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Ladies and Gentleman,
on behalf of the organizing committee and of the whole community of the Italian Association for Animal Science and Production we are very happy and honored to welcome you to the 75th annual meeting of the European Association for Animal Production, that will take place in Firenze (Florence) from September 1st to September 5th 2024.

The general topic of this Congress will be “Global quality: environment, animals, food“.
Different sessions will be organized and jointly organized between the eleven EAAP Study Commissions to cover various areas of knowledge related to animal science, such as genetics, nutrition, physiology, animal health and welfare, precision livestock farming, horses, pigs, insects, livestock farming, cattle, sheep and goat.

Firenze: one of the main art cities of Italy

An outstanding richness of monuments, historical sites, museums and churches represents the cultural and artistic heritage of Firenze, considered the capital of the Renaissance. Firenze is the capital of the region of Tuscany, placed in the heart of Italy, and known worldwide for its beautiful hilly agricultural Landscapes, the country mansions of the region of Chianti, the wines, the olive oil, the autochthonous giant beef cattle “Chianina”, the “Fiorentina” steak. These products represent excellences of the Italian agriculture. Social events during the EAAP congress, hosted on some of the most spectacular venues of the City, will offer the opportunity to directly taste several of these products.

Global quality: environment, animals, food

The general theme of the congress is “Global quality: Environment, Animals, Food”. The congress will consist in several parallel scientific sessions where updated research results covering the whole domain of the Animal Science will be presented and discussed together with the presentation of main ongoing research projects.
With his geographical position, Italy exhibits a great variety of environments, ranging from Alpine to Mediterranean climate. This peculiarity is reflected in the structure of its agriculture. Intensive dairy and beef cattle, pigs and poultry farms are typical of the Northern district. Buffalo farming can be found in Latium and Campania, in the Central-Southern part of Italy. Small ruminant systems characterize Southern Italy and the two main islands: Sicily and Sardinia. This richness results in a number of biodiverse livestock farming systems, which generate high-quality products, in many cases certified as PDO or PGI. The products are expression of local genetic resources and of the Italian cultural heritage and they contribute to define the “Made in Italy” brand. Some of these production systems will be the target of technical tours organized at the end of technical sessions.

Benvenuti a Firenze!

Nicolò Pietro Paolo Macciotta
Marcello Mele